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When requesting a song for translation

  1. Ask me in question form. Please, when I translate your requests, I am doing you a favor. I do not have to take requests nor do I have to even have this page open. When you need a favor from a friend you don’t just go up to them and go “(grunt) This. Do it.” We are not cavemen. Don’t be rude.
  2. Don’t ask for entire albums. Sorry guys and gals, I have a life outside of this blog (as seen by my sporadic updating) and I cannot translate an entire album for you
  3. Don’t be greedy. Ask me for one song at a time. I am more likely to get it done that way.
  4. Look for the lyrics at other locations before you request. There are lots of websites that translate Korean lyrics.  Artists that are frequently translated are: Big Bang, Epik High, DBSK and such…
  5. Don’t ask me when I will finish translating the song. Basically, the more I hear from you after the request is made, the longer I will take to finish it. I will put it off on purpose.
  6. NEW RULE AND MOST IMPORTANT: please send me the mp3, or a link to the song on youtube/veoh/whatever. Especially if the song is more obscure, I will need the song to transcribe the lyrics and to double check my sources.

Finally, I will get them done eventually so please be patient. I have no guarantee when the songs will be done and in what order they will be translated. I tried to put myself on a schedule, but it doesn’t work.

Now, how does one go about requesting translations?
Easy, just email me here.



Current list of requests

Noblesse – What do I do? /by Melinda
Kim Hyun Joo – Promise/ by Najwa
Smokie J – Heartbreaker/by Jason
45RPM – Old Rookie / by Phi
Crown J – Baby You /by Risa
거리의 시인들 – 음악이 뭔데 (What is Music Anyways)/ by Jinju
내가 싫다 by Drunken Tiger by/ 승준
Wheesung – 사랑해 by/ Kei-chan
박신양 – Give me Love by/ ngoc
Wheesung – Show Me girl by/ Tajma
KCM – Staying Away by/ Samira
BEG – How Could I love you by/ Jea
박학기 – 빛의 향기 by/ ceci
…..지애 – 수호천사 by/ ceci
Wheesung – 꿈에 by/ sara
Younha’s “My Song and…” by/ cathy
Delight – Hedgehog’s Dilemma by/ lim
Untouchable – 너는 왜 나는왜 by/ rachael
이하나 – 그대 혼자일때 by/ Tashi



Jaejoong + Micky – Been So Long / Lorena
Found HERE

Brian Joo – My Girl / Tracy
Found on youtube HERE

Epik High – Aphasia / Juliee
Found on livejournal by Isabel HERE

Leessang- I’m Not Laughing / tiffany
Found on youtube HERE

Lim Chang Jung – Long Time No See / U-West
Found on Youtube HERE

G-Dragon – Korean Dream by Nikki
found HERE

Alex – Bad (New Ways Always) /by Charlie
Found on Youtube HERE
Remember to turn on the captions

Brown Eyed Girls – Moody Night by sinyah|
Found HERE (must be soompi forum member) by Carmen

Brown Eyed Soul – Promise You/ by Isabel
Found on soompi by Carmen HERE

DJ DOC – Run to you/ by Danny
Found on Youtube HERE

Epik High – Love Song/ by Yeng
Found HERE by Carmen

Epik High – 피해망상 pt. 2/Tranee
Found HERE

Epik High – Still Life / by 승준
Found on Boajjang Forum by Carmen HERE

Epik High – Hon /by Forever Epik
Epik High – Al Go Bo Ni /by Forever Epik
Both found on youtube translated by theasianmission (HERE and HERE)

Evan – Echo / by Cat
found HERE (must be soompi forum member) by Carmen

Hyori – 사진첩 /by Chinh
Found on Youtube translated by lalayabe HERE

Kim Jong Wook Feat. Davichi – If you Pretend / by anj
found HERE by Carmen

Minwoo – Wonderful Life /by sara
found HERE (must be shinhwa biz member) by Carmen

Navi – Heart Damage by/Ling Ling
Found HERE

Outsider – Alone
Found HERE (must be soompi forum member) by Carmen

SS501- UR Man /by June
Found by Carmen @ boajjang forums HERE

Super Junior – One Love /Jill Sim
Found HERE

Taegoon – Call me /by tori
Found on Youtube HERE

wheesung – Narak / by kellin
found HERE (must be soompi forum member) by Carmen


16 Responses to Requests

  1. gtoproject says:

    Thanks a lot for finding a lyric … 😀

  2. Nanaki244 says:

    hey i just wanted to tell you i sub most of your works, giving u credit of course.. tell me what u think!

  3. Basuha says:

    Thanks so much for finding the subs for G.O.D Songs (all 4 albums), it is truely appreciated!

  4. Princess Gloria says:

    hehe! i hope you go backwards on the list. i’m closer to the end. :]

  5. Tashi says:

    Thanks! You are the best Translator in the world!

  6. 승준 says:

    thanks so much for finding translations and working on these great songs. you are truly AMAZING. Have a wonder Christmas and God Bless.

  7. hellozkitty says:

    Hey!First of all ” Happy New Year!” and I hope you’ll have a wonderful 2009 .
    Thanks a lot and know that your work is greatly appreciated ! Hugs!

  8. Maru says:

    I just listened to “희생양” by Epik High and I really would like to read a translation of this song. *__*^(“Scapegoat”(Huisaengyang) feat. Sweet Sorrow)

    Also “Nocturne” (Tablo’s Word)” would be interesting to know, no? ^^

    THANK you very much in advance! <33

  9. Maru says:

    oh I just realized there is a link to a youtube translation for Scapegoat above. Sorry. >_>

    But it’s like, there are plenty of versions ppl put it into Romaji. >____<

  10. Lulong says:

    Hi,was wondering, if you could translate the songs:
    Epik High – I Remember

    Jewelry – Black Diamond

  11. Nanaki244 says:

    @ Lulong

    I subbed I remember a while ago, it is in my videos ^^

  12. Nanaki244 says:

    oh wait scratch that, it just had an excerpt of it.. my bad =x

  13. Nanaki244 says:

    here is something that should ease the weight though

    @ Maru

    it has Scapegoat and Nocturne. He is one of my friends i met on youtube that subs a load of epik high stuff

  14. kristen says:

    Lee Jung Hyun – “줄래”

    ( 출처 : 가사집 )

    Thank YOU!

  15. aqila says:

    well actually i’m finding tachyon,’feel your breeze’ translated lyrics,
    but until now,i didn’t find could you please translate the song for me?
    Thanks!!!~ (:

  16. Charlie says:

    Hey! I was curious if you could when you have the time at least translate a song from a member of Clazziqui named ” Alex ” who went solo. He has a new Digital Single, well not so new.. But I’m unable to find any translations for it.

    Anyway it would be great if you could, hopefully if you haven’t heard it you’ll like it as well? Haha. If you need the song or can’t find it, feel free to contact me via e-mail and i’ll send it to you.

    The song is called..

    Alex – New Ways Always

    Thanks in advance Grace! Best of luck in your studies as well 🙂 ! Keep up the great work online & offline!

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