SHINee – Lucifer Lyrics and Translation

Album: 2nd album, Lucifer
Release Date: July 19th, 2010

I love this whole entire album. All of the tracks are of various strengths but amazingly, all of them are at the “repeat 5x” level. Finally, an album worthy of these talented boys/men. Speaking of boy-men, Taemin’s voice has matured so much since “Nuna You’re so pretty.” It’s steady and amazingly versatile.
I’ll be uploading the songs in the order of my favorites. Lucifer would be my 4th favorite.

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DJ D.O.C Feat. 45RPM – Fat Girl Lyrics and Translation

dj doc
Album: 7th album, 풍류 (PoongRyu/Refinement)
Release Date: July 29th. 2010

I’m so conflicted about this song but I can’t help but love it. How often do girls in Korea hear that guys are attracted to bigger girls? This song may not be the most tactful, but I think it sends a much needed message to girls that hear it. Additionally, the song itself is adorable.

I can’t seem to find an audio link, but you can hear it and download it here

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I’d thought I’d do a quick update because I’ve been getting a lot of email lately about where I’ve been and if I was going to translate SHINee’s album.

First off, I’ve been M.I.A because I’m currently studying for the Bar Exam. It’s hard to have any sort of hobby when the Bar is in your face.

Secondly, because the Bar Exam is next week, I’ll be back and promise to translate every single request on my list. Including the new SHINee album. (I actually groaned out loud when I found out their comeback would be so soon. I was hoping that it would be after my test but oh well.) I don’t care if someone else already translated the songs. I usually find that SHINee’s songs are a bit smarter than others and so susceptible to various interpretations.

So. I’ll be back August with SHINee!

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박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon) -잠꼬대 (JamKkoDae/Somniloquy) Lyrics and Translation
Nanaki244: Viddler is up!

Album: 꽃, 다시 첫번째 (Flower, back to the first), 7th Album
Release Date: April 23, 2009
Requested By: yuanyuan

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Epik High – 뒷담화 (DweetDammHwa/Afterword) Lyrics and Translation

Album: High Society, 2nd Album
Release Date: July 26, 2004
Requested by: Daniel

Whew. What a request!

Actually, I’ve had this finished and on my computer for almost 4 months now. The reason why I didn’t release it was because I was hesitant about my abilities to accurately translate what Epik High was trying to say in this track. It’s a deeply personal and candid song about the music industry and the pressures they felt and I didn’t want to accidentally (with my incompetence) put words in their mouths. However, considering that this song was released 6 years ago and Epik High, well, Tablo, has come out saying that he has matured a lot and changed over the years, I think that a few mistakes here and there won’t be ‘putting words in their mouth’ as this song is probably not something they would write today in 2010.

WARNING: Lyrics should be rated R for tons of curse words.
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SS501 – Love Ya Lyrics and Translation

Album: Destination, EP
Release Date: May 24, 2010

Holy – what a great song. Generally, when it comes to SS501 I can take them or leave them. I never really liked any of their previous songs, they are not strong dancers and really, the only reason I even paid attention to them was because they seemed like such fun guys to hang out with. Oh and yes, Hyun Joong is not bad to look at. But this song has completely made me into a fan. Why? So much drama! The song itself is autotuned to death and I feel bad that Young Saeng is still apparently the only one that went to vocal training class, but that might be because Hyung Jun was too busy taking English classes, Hyun Joong went to the Justin Beiber hair styling academy and Jung Min enrolled in sexy classes. The way Jung Min says “I don’t care if the world becomes my enemy” is just way too attractive. (Sorry Kyu Jong fans, but he is like wallpaper to me. Blank white wallpaper.). I also love Jung Min’s obvious musical theater influence on the dance moves in the MV. The over enthusiastic pelvic thrust motion is simultaneously hilarious and attractive.

The lyrics make them sound like creepy Edward-ian vampire boyfriend stalkers though. Still. I like this.

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2PM – Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop Lyrics and Translation

Album: Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop, Single
Release Date: April 19th, 2010

Best song of the album

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