015b Feat. Yozoh – It’s Only Hard the First Time [MP3][L&T]
2AM:What Should I Do [MP3][L&T]
2PM – All Night Long [MP3][L&T]
2PM – Back 2U [MP3][L&T]
2PM – Tired of Waiting [MP3][L&T]
Brown Eyes: White Butterfly [MP3][L&T]
Color Pink: Blue Moon [Mp3][L&T]
Dynamic Duo: Unmixable Destiny Like Oil and Water [Mp3][L&T]
e.via: My Hands and Feet are Wriggling [Mp3][L&T]
G-Dragon: Look Only at Me Pt 2 [Mp3][L&T]
Gummy: A Stinging [MP3][L&T]
Fly to the Sky: A Drunken Truth [MP3][L&T]
Fly to the Sky: Alchohol (Sool) [MP3]
Fly to the Sky: Confinement [MP3][L&T]
Fly to the Sky: Go Away You [MP3][L&T]
Fly to the Sky: Good Girl [MP3]
Fly to the Sky: Song for you [MP3]
House Rulez: A Star Named Hope [Mp3][L&T]
Ivy – Adios [MP3][L&T]
Ivy Feat. Day Day – Don’t (안돼요)[MP3][L&T]
Ivy Feat. JR Groove – You Are the Ace [MP3][L&T]
Ivy Feat. Gil Gun – Zoo [MP3][L&T]
Leessang: Ballerino Feat. ALI [MP3][L&T]
Lyn Feat. E.via – Nuna’s Song [MP3][L&T]
Mighty Mouth: Energy Feat. Sunye [MP3][L&T]
Navi: I Love You Feat. Tablo [MP3][L&T]
OST Singles: Loveholic: Come and Play [MP3][L&T]
Park Jin Young: I Like Girls Like This Feat. Dynamic Duo [Mp3][L&T]
SHINee: Ring Ding Dong [Mp3][L&T]
Solid: Holding on to the End of Tonight [Mp3][L&T]
Sung Si Kyung: On This Road [Mp3][L&T]
Wheesung: Fading Star [Mp3][L&T]
Wheesung: Perfect Man [Mp3][L&T]
Wheesung: What a Situation [Mp3][L&T]

Music (Song of the Week)

Week 1: BoA + Crystal Kay + M-Flo – Universe [Mp3]
Week 2: Koda Kumi – Show Girl [Mp3]
Week 3: Loveholic – MaeAhRi [Mp3]
Week 4: House Rulez Feat. Steeb – 37th Ave [Mp3]
Week 5: Monkey Majik + M-Flo – Pretty People [Mp3]
Week 6-7: J-Walk – A Years Proposal [Mp3]
Week 8: Mate – Come Back To Me [Mp3]
Week 9: The Jadu – We Need To Talk [Mp3] [L&T]

Epik High – Album 5 – Pieces, Part 1 (04/17/08)
Fly to the Sky – Album 8 – Decennium (02/16/09)
2PM – 1:59PM (11/07/09)


[Uncritical Analysis] Ajoo – Chaebol 2nd Generation
[OTL: Off Topic Lists] J-POP (With links to 9 mp3s)


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