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[Reccomended] 015b Feat. Yozoh – 처음만 힘들지 (ChuEumMan HimDeulJi/It’s Only Hard the First Time) Album: Lucky 7, 7th Album Release Date: August 24th, 2006 Notes: There are songs, then then are what my friend Carmen refers to as “cracktastic” songs, THEN there are songs that go barreling head first into that crack and … Continue reading

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[Review] 2PM – 1:59PM 1st Full Album

Why? Why? I can’t stop it now! My heart is still beating…for you. 2PM’s sophomore album is very poignantly called 1:59PM. The Hottests know well that 1:59PM is what the 7-member boy group is referred to as a 6-member group … Continue reading

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Dear SHINee: Step Up Your Game

I’m sorry you had to find out SHINee, but I had to tell you.

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[Review] Fly To The Sky – Decennium (8th Album) + Mp3

Album: Decennium, 8th Album Release Date: February 16th, 2009 Disclaimer: This is all personal opinion. In fact, this review may be more biased than others because I’ve loved Fly to the Sky since their crimped hair and shiny metallic space … Continue reading

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[Review] Epik High – Pieces, Part 1 (5th Album)

Tablo said that this album was inspired by a dream, contributing to the melancholy, slower sound of this album. This newest offering from Epik High was leaked early online. This album is completely different from the other previous Epik High … Continue reading

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