And the winner is…. *drumroll

Thank you all for entering my drawing. I really loved reading all of your answers to my silly holiday question. I can clearly see a pattern of the type of people that come to read my translations (there are a good number of Epik High fans or SHINee fans, then the occasional Epik High AND SHINee fan. We are a strange bunch.) Just quickly:

Onew and Key got the most love out of SHINee (pedobear loves my commenters
Taec from 2PM is by FAR the most popular 2PM member
Rain, Daniel Henney, Kim Jong Gook and Cha Tae Hyun? Yes Please.
A few people wanted to spend time with the fictional A.N.Jell from the drama “You’re Beautiful” (I wish!)


Everybody wants to hang with Epik High. (Who wouldn’t?)

(The movement crew generally got a lot of love)

I completely agree with all of your choices, and I’m glad to see that the people who visit my site and comment have great taste.

As for me, I would want to hang out with and become friends with Hwangbo from “We Got Married” and Chakra, or Narsha from the Brown Eyed Girls. Hwangbo because she is the only female kcelebrity that I saw and thought “she could just be (a prettier and cooler) one of my friends.” How fun would it be to hang out with someone as lively as she is? (Also she knows with pretty much everyone in the industry and ya know, we could accidentally on purpose fall into 2PM’s dressing room…heh ). Narsha because I am 93.6% sure that she is future me. I want to find out how this happened.

But without further ado

Winner is announced after the cut!

random winner

Congratulations Kiri! Please confirm your email address with me so that I can send you the gift certificate!

If you didn’t win, cheer up! I’ll do what I can to send 2PM/Epik High/Wonder Girls/Younha/MBLAQ/SHINee/Bi/Kim Jong Gook/fictional characters from dramas your way for Christmas time! 🙂

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7 Responses to And the winner is…. *drumroll

  1. Yeng Vang says:

    Congratulation kiri!!

  2. Barbara says:


  3. Christina says:

    Wow! Congrats to Kiri! =))

  4. Melissa says:

    congrats :]

  5. Carmen says:

    Congrats to the winner!

    And yes to Hwangbo! She is one of my favorite Korean celebrities ever! So awesome, hilarious and down-to-earth. I hope she finds someone worthy of her one day 😀

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