Giveaway! Free! Stuff! Exclamation Marks!!!

Update: Apparently, Yesasia only does gift certificates in increments of tens. Which means the winner will now only get 10 dollars.

Just kidding. It’s now been upped to $30. πŸ™‚

To people that read this post and don’t enter: Why would you do that? Just enter! I don’t care if you’ve never been on my site before. This is a giveaway yo.


It’s that time of the year! That time where it’s chilly outside but warm inside your cozy home (provided you have central heating!) The time where people go batshit insane trying to buy presents that the recipient will most likely return the next day! The time of the year where consumer greed rises to a frenzied level of mania! Most wonderful time of the year indeed.

Black Friday

The Holiday Spirit.

But honestly speaking, the holidays are great. And to make them a little bit greater for one lucky person and to thank all of the people that love and enjoy my translations, I’m going to give away a $25 $30(!) gift certificate to yesasia! That should be enough to buy a CD or two and get shipping thrown in.Β  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post explaining what Korean star you would want to spend this season with. On December 14th, I will randomly (with choose one person to receive this gift certificate!

(I have like, 8 readers right? So your chances of winning may be 1:8! That’s a 12.5% chance! Whoo!)

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28 Responses to Giveaway! Free! Stuff! Exclamation Marks!!!

  1. Tracy says:

    Lol I dont know why I’m participating since I never win these kind of things, but I guess I’ll try my luck this time πŸ˜€ Thanks for holding this competition btw, very exciting πŸ˜‰ Oh, btw, my first time hearing of “” :O Cool.
    Anyway, gosh, there are so many stars I wanna spend the season with. There’s Jang Geun Suk (cuz of You’re Beautiful), Lee Seo Jin (cuz I’m re-watching Lovers now) & Lee Jong Hyuk (cuz of his wonderful acting skills in “Hello, God!” & “Powerful Opponents”) But I guess I can’t be greedy & hang out with all of them πŸ™‚
    But I guess I’d really wanna spend the season with Kim Jong Kook, cuz his muscles will keep me warm during this cold, cold season. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ LOL. Plus, he’s the first celebrity/singer I’ve really been “obsessed” with xD

  2. Susan C. says:

    cool contest πŸ˜€ you’re amazing!

    My number one pick would be Epik High, 100%. Not only are they my favorite artist, but they’re holding a Christmas concert, their last one for the next two years because of Tukutz’s absence (insert tears). If only I had the $1000 for the plane ticket to S. Korea TT__TT but alas…haha.

    Thanks for the contest opportunity ^^

  3. Caroline says:

    For fun’s sake, I’ll choose Epik High, definitely.

    Why? Their music: dope beats and depth.

    Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  4. Nanaki244 says:

    i want to spend the holiday’s with 2PM’s leader, because he is the closest.. nah j/k xD

    in reality, i would love to spend time with Tablo or Outsider. Tablo, because he can give me tips to become a better writer (4.0 at Stanford in Creative Writing?), and it seems like we will have a lot of fun together being goofy and stuff.

    Outsider, because he can give me fashion tips xD (Outsider / Kwill – Alone live performance?), as well as showing me the way to become a rapping legend xD haha.

    As for the maybe’s:
    MC Mong – Funny, seems to be fun to hang around with.
    Lee Min Jung – Loved her role in Boys Before Flowers.. i find her very likeable and attractive xD
    Younha – natural beauty, nice background, good voice, can sing in a variety of songs, apparantly has a resistance to spicy food (star paparazzi). Seems like a fun girl to be with and talk with πŸ™‚

  5. H$ says:

    without a doubt….Daniel Henney…i know he’s not a popstar..but… he does sing. ❀ ❀ ❀

  6. Barbara says:

    I would LOVE to spend my winter holiday with 2PM’s TaekYeon. I wouldn’t mind him rapping lyrics from “All Night Long” to me. XD

  7. 1luxesarang says:

    ohh freebies!!!

    So who would i like to spend the season with? Probably TOP, of Big Bang and Iris fame, Taecyeon from 2pm, or Lee MinHo from Boys Over Flowers. They’re all tall, dark, handsome, and funny, so that’s a good start. Although, because of my fangirl tendencies I’d probably just end up staring at them the whole night, no conversation just staring and maybe some uncomfortable studders lol.. making it exceptionally creepy and/or awkward :), my specialities. I’ll tell you one thing though, we’d end up lovers, I’m not exactly sure how that’ll happen, but that’s how it plays out in my mind.

    Thank you for the opportunity now i have something else to daydream about “the first snowfall of 2009 with TOP, Taec, and Minho”!

  8. faradilaaa says:

    niceeeeeeeee! πŸ™‚

    hm, i love to spend the season with the 2 PM boys! Jaebom included because it’s not complete without all 7 members. πŸ˜€
    it would be like being in Idol Show with them except that it would be just me instead of the high school girls, the noonas and all the other girls. OH JOY! πŸ™‚

  9. Fee says:

    Hmm, way to ask a hard question, pick just ONE?! Okay, if I haaaaaaaaaaad to, I would pick Chansung from 2pm! Italian home cooked meals for the so-called Italian! haha

    btw I’m a twitter follower (orangeinsanity).

  10. Jason says:

    The Wonder Girls, so I can get shot down by each of them. lol

    I’d pick someone that I respect, like Tiger JK or YDG.

    Also, I may be the only guy commenting here haha

  11. Cat Do says:

    ahah, very nice.

    if i could, to be honest, i’d choose someone that i respected a lot, and that would be interesting to talk to, instead of standing with them admiring them, but not knowing what to say.

    i’d have to say that i’d really like to spend the season with epik high. they’re really funny when they joke around, but they also have this essence with them and their music that i think makes them unique.
    but… since you asked for one person, i’d have to say either tablo or mithra.
    mithra would be fun to hang around with, but i feel like i might be a bit intimidated.
    tablo, while yes, he is married, is really quite the intellectual, and i feel like he’d joke around more even during serious talk.

    good luck to everyone!

  12. isabel says:

    There are two people actually, but both for two totally different reasons. I hope that’s still okay with you?

    First with Onew from SHINee, because he’s the most pure and beautiful guy onstage I don’t think I could resist(: I’d feed him and feed him until he gets his On-thighs back again and has some healthy sleep SM won’t let him have. I won’t be able to talk to him, but actions speak so much louder than words it’ll be totally worth it. Onew, only you.

    Second with Tablo, because he’s my hero and I would give anything to know what goes on in his brain. I want to see genius in action, and I respect the hell out of him. Maybe I’d throw in a late wedding gift for his recent marriage.

    Thanks for this opportunity [:

  13. Christina says:

    A contest! :O

    I would really love to spend this season with a whole bunch of Korean stars.

    If I really had to choose one, I would choose.. Jokwon from 2AM? He’s really interesting and adorable at the same time, it’ll be a riot to spend this season with him! I was torn between the 2PM boys and SHINee’s Onew, but I decided to choose Kwon, so I can bug him to bring the other guys from 2AM, 2PM and SHINee’s Onew since they’re friends. xD

    Good luck to all the participants! xD

  14. ali says:

    well obviously you’ll know by now that you have way more than eight readers lol i just wanna do this cos the question got me thinking~

    hmm, i reckon for me it would be a toss up between taek (sorry to steal your favorite for the moment lol) & jinki.

    taek, cos i’ll actually be able to converse with him lol & seeing as to how he would (i assume) have spent at least a few christmases in america, it would be nice to spend christmas with someone that would have had first hand experience as to how extravagant & joyous the occasion, & month really, is. i don’t receive many presents, i don’t give many presents, i don’t celebrate christmas with a wild party or anything, but christmas & december are still my favorite time of the year. something about the decorations, carols & everything just makes me happier ^^ with taek, i’m sure i’ll be able to fully enjoy christmas! plus! μ—„μΉœμ•„ holla!

    & for jinki, we wouldn’t be able to have a decent conversation (other than everybody chicken!), that’s for sure. but bar the language barrier, jinki possesses a lot of the qualities & characteristics of someone i would love to spend time with, & enjoying spending time with. a bit clueless at times, yet surprisingly witty at other times, honest, humorous, gentle, yet strong enough to be a leader. he seems to be full of contradictions really, & that’s what intrigues me; makes me wanna just sit down with him over a cup of coffee, & try to understand just what kind of person he is. & plus, with a smile like his, he’ll make christmas an even more joyous occasion than it is~

    aw i wanted to pick non-boygroup people, but ended up with these two. pedobear would approve lol

  15. alexis says:

    how come even tho im logged in to wordpress the comments are in the format where u have to put ur name and email and stuff and ok whatever lol

    so. no idea why im entering this, maybe its jsut cos im bored and im doing this to kill time.
    who do i want to spend the holidays with?
    1) epik highh!! –tabloo!
    ive had liek the hugest obsession with them recently. theyre having like the whole ‘last christmas concert’ thing, right? woww.
    plus i think unwrapping gifts with them would be so funn. and funny. too bad tukutz wont be there tho D: he’s so funny. or do they get to go home for the holidays? no ideaa.
    and i love tablo to death. ive always wanted to meet him anyways..
    2) 2PM probablyy. not just one person tho, i want to see them all together.
    mostly cos im hoping that jaebeom will come back sometime around them? you know, spend christmas with his JYP family and realize he really really misses them all and god it would just be so funn.
    they’re so like dorky adn stuff i be it would be so fun and like seeing them together and seeing them smile would just be enough for me.
    3) mc mong? i love this guyy. and his music. and he’s funnyy
    plus he’s got such a kind heart. but maybe i want to let him spend the holidays with his pretty gf. (: theyre so cute together.
    4) k.will.
    love this guy too! and his gorgeous voice!
    we could go caroling together 8D that would be sooo funn. adn maybe i could get a few vocal tips from him.

  16. Katherine says:

    I would like a karaoke session with Epik High and dance lessons with Mr. Bad Boy, no other than Mr. Bi/Rain.

  17. angsana says:

    ah that’ll be Dong Bang Shin Ki

    seriously I’m missing their voices soooo much this year TT___TT I would totally love it if they all once again get on stage and perform together. gosh, right now I can only replaying their previous albums in despair cause I’m so dang scared that they’ll eventually disbanded.

    if ever I can spend even just for 5 minutes with them I’d like to express my gratitude ’cause their singing been some of the few things in my life that help me through the hard exhausting days.

  18. Carmen says:

    It seems you have more readers than you think, Grace! You are so sweet for doing this πŸ˜€

    This is such a tough question….I would have picked Tablo before but now he’s married and um, even a fantasy holiday seems wrong πŸ˜›

    I’ll probably think of someone else later but right now, the first person who comes to mind is MBLAQ’s leader Seungho. He could do magic tricks for me and serenade me and fix my broken iPod and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with that infectious smile of his. He just seems like a sweet boy-next-door who is respectful but still goofy and crazy. The perfect kind of person to spend the holidays with.

    After the contest is over, you have to tell us your choice too! I’m curious to see who you’ll pick.

  19. Janelle says:

    Hello! πŸ™‚ I have been through some of your translations before (and I’m very appreciative of them, thank you :] ), I just so happened to stumble upon your site at the perfect time I guess! πŸ˜€ So I’d like to enter ~

    For someone as indecisive as me, this question is pretty difficult to answer, hahha! But I guess if I really had to choose someone, at this point in time it would have to be…Wooyoung from 2PM^^. I just feel like no matter what I could have fun with him since he’s such a big ‘ol sweetheart to everyone around him.

    Thanks for holding this giveaway, it’s reminding me to get into the Christmas spirit ~ =)

  20. kiri says:

    haha, a giveaway! I’m excited. I’ve never entered one of these things.

    if I was to pick any korean idol to spend my holidays with, I would choose A.N.Jell. Usually, I would choose SHINee… but whenever I think of Christmas, I always think of A.N.Jell. After watching the drama, You’re Beautiful, I wish that I was Go Mi Nam and that I was spending all my days with the amazing Hwang Tae Kyung, the sensitive Kang Shin Woo and the hilarious Jeremy. I would want to be sitting by the christmas tree, sipping hot chocolate while watching Jeremy act out something entertaining, listening to Tae Kyung singing and smiling with Shin Woo. It’s like a family… except with amazingly cute boys ❀

    anyways, thanks for hosting this giveaway. your translations rock!

  21. Kris says:

    I’d either pick SHINee in general, or just Key. I know he’s said his ideal girl is “tall…or wears clothes well” and I’m most likely neither, it’s worth a try. I love the way he laughs and I’d love to be the reason he laughs, just once in my life. Seriously, can I just hide him in my teeeeny apartment and shower him with attention and let the poor boy rest so he doesn’t get swine flu like everyone else? People sometimes say he’s shallow and a diva, but he cares about other people and even about real issues like healthcare and the environment. It would just make my life to meet the one and only almighty Key!

    And it’s pretty awesome of you to have this contest! Way to spread holiday cheer! Thanks!

  22. μŠΉμ€€ says:

    hmmm im would have to say either yoo seung jun or drunken tiger, although they arent as popular as they once were. reasons for YSJ are because my mom named me after him and it would be nice to meet someone i was named after. as for DT hes my favorite artist so it would be absolutely fantastic to spend a holiday season with him.

  23. Mish says:

    whee giveaway! 8D this is kind of the first time i’ve come upon your site but since your translations were so awesome i decided to look through the rest of your site and CAME ACROSS THIS. so here i am.

    wow tough decision. i’d probably force myself to choose between Jang Geun Suk and Hong Ki (or their characters from You’re Beautiful; don’t mind either way) since i was completely addicted to the drama and i’m currently suffering from post-YB syndrome. JGS is SO HOT as Tae Kyung and Hong Ki is just awesome. Seriously, whenever i’m depressed i just go watch bits with Jeremy and i’m on a high for at least an hour.

  24. BΓ‘rbara R. says:

    A while ago it would Jaebom, but right now i’ll choose Bi/Rain. He’s just…….adorable!
    By the way, this is my first time on this website……^^

  25. Yeng Vang says:

    Hmm..that’s a really good question. By the way, I’m a really huge fan of your site. I have been visiting it constantly, waiting for new lyrics and translation to be posted. Thanks for your hard work!!

    Back to the question you asked your readers, I would love to spend the holidays with Cha Tae Hyun. LOL! I know it is odd to pick him since there are so many other Korean celebrities I can spend the holidays with (like Epik High, Lee Hyori, Yoo Jae Suk, 2NE1, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls, etc.). I dont know. Watching him in “My Sassy Girl” got me interested in the Korean culture. So I guess he’s really the main reason why I really was so interested in the Korean culture. He’s also really hilarious and can bring a smile on my face whenever I’m down.

    I’m so excited about this contest. Even though I might have a slight chance in winning, I am glad to participate in it at least.

  26. Jason says:

    I would like to have dinner with anyone from Coffee Prince, cause that was my favorite show ever. I like all the music groups, but I loved that drama. lol

  27. Melissa says:

    hello Grace! It has been awhile since I’ve visited your site :\ school school school. I guess lucky me that I came back now? haha The last time I visited was when you gave up your love for SHINee ;_; why??? haha

    as a group, I’d love to spend time with SHINee, just because they were the first kpop group I ever “fell in love” with :] (maybe I shouldn’t put those quotes…haha) But picking 1 out of the 5, I’d have to go with my favorite: Key! Ever since I watched their reality show, I’ve loved Key’s personality. He is very charismatic, random, caring, organized, and a little girly. haha I enjoy watching his odd antics on shows and during performances, and I can’t help but love him more! :] (not to mention, there would be no language barrier between us ;] )

    thanks for the contest Grace! :]

  28. michelle says:

    oh well that’s ironic…
    i wish i had seen ur website b4 :c
    im too late… (bcuz of my hw’s,projects & everything)
    but oh well. i want to answer ur question though..=]

    the person i want to spend my time with is eunhyuk.
    my reason is because he’s the person i loved and i was loyal to him for a very long time.
    and i don’t wanna break that loyalty.
    i want to make him the happiest person ever this season. ^__^
    i don’t want to dissapoint him.:(
    i will make his season with me the most special & memorable season ever.
    γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹..κ·Έλƒ₯…λ‚΄ 심징이:(μ‚¬λž‘μ΄) μ€ν˜ 였빠… comment for ur website is that it’s great :>
    i wish more people will visit ur website this season grace ^_~
    is that ur name? or μ˜ˆμ€ 씨? nice to meet u. πŸ™‚
    starting from now on.ill try visit ur web ^.^
    Merry Christmas~ β™₯ 크리슀마슀~~ ^^

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