[Reccomended] 015b Feat. Yozoh – 처음만 힘들지 (ChuEumMan HimDeulJi/It’s Only Hard the First Time)


Album: Lucky 7, 7th Album
Release Date: August 24th, 2006
Notes: There are songs, then then are what my friend Carmen refers to as “cracktastic” songs, THEN there are songs that go barreling head first into that crack and come out woozy to the other side into the land of WTF. This song hangs out in the questionably warm nebula right at the entrance into the land of giant question marks. It’s not surprising, considering that it was written by 015b, a dance music band that debuted in the late 80s with a hit song I can only explain by showing (and pointing at the ::holycrap:: acid wash jeans!).

(If you recognize this song you may have heard the remake done by defunct 7 member boyband Click B.)
(And is it me or the the dancing guy look a bit like Jae from 2PM?)

015b, who does not have a vocalist, recruited Yozoh for this track. Yozoh is a solo indie vocalist who is also an honorary member of the group “Humming Urban Stereo” and someone I can only describe as a manic pixie dream girl.

When 015b’s eccentrically deviant music is brought into the 21st century and sung by Yozoh’s sweet and quirky voice, you end up with this warning love song that sounds like it was recorded during a Princess Peach vs. Bowser rap battle in the Mushroom Kingdom.


[column width=”45%” padding=”2%”]

손을 잡는 것 처음만 힘들지
뽀뽀 하는 것 처음만 힘들지
사랑한단 말 처음만 힘들지
같이 있잔 말 처음만 힘들지
한번 시작하고 나면
그 담부턴 왠지 어렵지 않아
처음이 중요해요 침착하세요

그렇게 수줍게
그들의 사랑은 시작됐어
첨 손을 잡은 날
모두에게 전활했어
서로의 사랑을 확인한 그날은
가슴이 떨려
잠을 이루지 못했어
하지만 오래 갈 것 같은가
서로 본성을 숨기기
쉽지 않을걸
왜 그래 대체 왜 그래 대체
왜 그래 대체 왜 그래 왜

승질 보이기 처음만 힘들지
소리 지르기 처음만 힘들지
전화 확 끊기 처음만 힘들지
그만 만나잔 말 처음만 힘들지
한번 본색 보이고 나면
그 다음부턴 습관적이 되지요
그런 일은 애초에 시작마세요

이별이란 건 항상 힘들지
겪어봤다고 쉬운 게 아니지
그 사람 잊긴 항상 힘들지
결심한다고 되는 게 아니지
때론 처음 아는 일도
겪을 때마다 힘든 일이 있어요
그런 일 만들지 마요
늘 아껴주세요

라라라 라라라라라라
Love me do, love me love me do do

처음이 중요해요
늘 아껴주세요

[/column] [column width=”53%” padding=”0%”]

Holding hands is only hard the first time
Kissing is only hard the first time
Saying I love you is only hard the first time
Saying ‘Let’s be together’ is only hard at first
For some reason once you start
It only becomes easier to do
The first time is important so be cool

So shyly,
their love story began.
They even called everyone they knew
on the first day they held hands.
On the day when they realized
the other’s feelings,
their excited hearts kept them from sleep.
But do you think they can keep this up?
Ha ha ha!
It won’t be easy for them
to hide their true natures!
Why is that? Really why is that?
Really why is that? Really why is that? Why?

Getting annoyed is only hard the first time
Yelling is only hard the first time
Slamming the phone is only hard the first time
Breaking up is only hard the first time
For some reason once you begin
It becomes a regular habit
Please be careful not to start doing this.

Saying goodbye is always hard
It doesn’t get easier by experience
It’s always hard to forget that person
Promising to doesn’t help at all
There are things that will always be hard
no matter how many time it happens to you
Don’t create these situations
Please cherish that person

Lalala lalalalalala
Love me do, love me love me do do

The first time is important
So please cherish that person

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6 Responses to [Reccomended] 015b Feat. Yozoh – 처음만 힘들지 (ChuEumMan HimDeulJi/It’s Only Hard the First Time)

  1. ali says:

    i loved 015b back in the day! my favorite song is also from this album! the title slips my mind now, but it featured verbal jint & i remember when the album came out, for days i only listened to that song. i can’t believe i don’t remember the title! i’ll have to naver it now cos it’s gonna bug me if i don’t lol

    • Grace says:

      Was it “그녀에게 전화오게 하는 방법 (A way to get her to call)?” Because I love that song too. 🙂 I was actually going to post that one but I couldn’t figure out what they were mumbling in the chorus.

  2. Haru says:

    I have this on my ipod because this was used as background music in We Got Married, Ansol couple. i enjoy listening to it regardless the language barrier. i don’t understand Korean but i still listen, the song is cute, the melody is catchy. didn’t bother to look up for the english translation until i stumble upon it now. the lyrics is as cute and equally good as the song.

  3. Nanaki244 says:

    Just decided to sub the rest of the songs (minus the ones i think might get flagged) when I get bored xD and this was on top.. and i thought i subbed it before.. :3


  4. Nanaki244 says:

    youtube reuploaded:

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