Dear SHINee: Step Up Your Game

Shinee, in our better times

Shinee, in our better days

I’m sorry you had to find out SHINee, but I had to tell you.

This has been weighing on my conscience but I’ve been seeing someone else while you’ve been away. Look, you can be as mad as you want but YOU are the one that left for 5 months. 5 months! What was I supposed to do, just sit around, listening to the same songs over and over until you decided to come back? There is a limit to how many times a girl can listen to ‘Juliette’ without wanting to puncture her ear drums you know.

The fact is, unlike you, they were there for me when you weren’t. They helped me get through school and they brought me audio joy during these long days. Hm? Who, you ask? Look, I don’t want to drag them into it, but if you must know…it was F.T. Island.

I know, I know! I always said that I didn’t care for them and it’s true that I generally ignored their existence in Kpop, but one day they were in a friend’s playlist and…I couldn’t help it. They made me feel secure! They’re ‘actual’ musicians. No, I’m not saying that you’re not real musicians; it’s just that they actually play their own instruments and produce songs that are not all generic dance pop. Their whole album, including the title song “I Hope” and “Marry Me” are examples of kpop I’m not ashamed to introduce to my friends. And when I heard ” The Angel and Hunter,” I was done for.

And I know they’re about the same age as you but they are so much more mature. What, you think wearing some guyliner, mousse and changing your clothes makes you mature? You haven’t even given up your skinny jeans. I’ve always wanted to tell you this but REAL MEN DON’T WEAR SKINNY JEANS.

Neither attractive nor conducive to baby making

Neither attractive nor conducive to teh baby making

Look, don’t try to get back in my good graces by laying down some African drum beats. I don’t care about your Ring Ding Dong. What? You hear a bell ringing when I’m near? You should go get that checked out by an audiologist. That sounds dangerous.

Goodbye SHINEE, we had some good times but I’m leaving you for F.T. Island…

I love you F.T Island with members I don't know the names of!

I love you F.T Island with members I don't know the names of! (except Hongki?)

…unless the rest of your album is better.


(all this to say that I really like F.T. Island’s “Change and Cross” album and the song “The Angel and the Hunter” and am less than impressed with SHINee’s new song.. )

Disclaimer: This is completely, wholly, 100%, a tongue in cheek opinion/satire. Don’t kill me scary fans.

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25 Responses to Dear SHINee: Step Up Your Game

  1. ali says:


    i still remember when you translated 사랑 하지 마요 & said you hate ft i was like </3 😦 ㅠㅠ but YAY! it’s always good to have more ft lovers~ ^^

  2. Chris says:

    Awwww. I’m a SHINee fan myself too. I was honestly feeling the same way as you did when they stopped activities for five months, the only difference is that, I couldn’t stand Juliette at all. X_X I kind of wish they were less awkward on korean TV and that they would have better songs!

    Amazingly, I’m pretty hooked on Ring Ding Dong. Even though I know how stupid the song is, I just find it really addictive. XD I really really hope they have nicer songs in future. X_X

    Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I like some of the FT Island songs too! The Angel and Hunter was lovely!

  3. Carmen says:

    LOL. I swear I’ve gone through this exact same thought process at least 10 times since SHINee’s debut. I hate how SM is presenting them as a generic boyband to the public when we all know what they’re really capable of. The whole “contemporary band” thing is just a gimmick to let SM put them in as many ridiculous outfits as possible and hope that something catches on as a trend so they can take credit for it. All their skinny jeans need to be thrown into a massive bonfire because that is the last thing boys (especially boys going through puberty) should be wearing. Stop turning them into a joke, SM! At least with DBSK there are certain songs and videos I can show people to prove how talented they are. It’s so much harder with SHINee (except for a few select ballad performances). I really hope it’s just an age/experience thing and once they get older, they’ll try to get their own say into decisions about their style and music. I mean, DBSK did go through those horrid “Triangle” and “Balloons” days too.

    Even though I’m always initially disappointed with their new singles, they always draw me back in! I just can’t resist the charm of their live performances and the better songs that are always hidden in the rest of the album. I hate you SM and your genius marketing strategies!

    • Carmen says:

      P.S. Which album is “The Angel and Hunter” from? I don’t think I’ve heard that song. Or maybe I did but I just didn’t pay attention to the name. My favorite FTI song has to be “Don’t Love” Hongki sings it with so much raw emotion that I get choked up just listening to it. I LOVE his voice!

      • Grace says:

        Its from “Cross & Change” Its ridiculously adorable. It makes me want to go frolic around on a field somewhere with a uncharacteristically girly dress on.

        BTW, do you get messages when I leave them on your an individual page on your worldvidz site?

      • Carmen says:

        It’s so cute! I guess I’ll have to join your frolicking in the grass. Wheeee.

        Yep, I get emails of all the comments left there 🙂

  4. - says:

    I hope you weren’t a fan of SHINee ’cause it’s pretty rude & fake to dislike them because they didn’t came with something new in 5 months. Just because of that you’re dissing their skinny jeans and the fact that they dance instead of playing instruments? T^T
    & I don’t think you’re a fan of F.T. Island either since you don’t even know their names.

  5. Nanaki244 says:

    hehe. I love ft Island more than Shinee xD I also subbed 3 ( i think ) ENTIRE albums from them; was wondering if you seen them? :]

  6. SHINeeFan says:

    So what if they left for 5 months? Please, they have their studies to consider too.
    Dont tell me they have to quit their studies?! And, there’s no limit or whatever you say about “Juliette”. Its nice, and i listen to their songs FAITHFULLY every single day. If you call yourself a SHINee Fan, then you shouldnt even be jumping from SHINee to FT Island.
    And dont compare FT Island to SHINee, because both groups sings different types of songs.
    If you dont like Ring Ding Dong, then dont listen to it. No one asked you to comment on their songs, their looks, their appearance, or whatever.
    You dont even have the right.
    What’s wrong with skinny jeans? Get your facts right before posting anything bad about SHINee.
    Is there a proof saying that real men dont wear skinny jeans? Its just your opinion, and there’s no real proof.
    Almost all the IDOLS wear skinny jeans too.
    And if you dont even know their names, how can you be a fan of FT Island? Thats totally ridiculous. At least find out more about them before you embarrass yourself.

    SHINee will be happy to know that you aren’t their fan, because a fan, is a faithful one. And one who doesnt go about criticising their looks, what they wear, and their songs.

    • :D says:

      I LOVE YOU SHINee FAN! i agree with you 😀

    • Shineegirl says:

      back then i love FTI and move to Big Bang etc. But after Shinee released their Ring Ding Dong album , i’m totally addicted to it..
      altough none of my friends like it I’m still loving it…
      i think Shinee is some adorable cute young boys.. even they’re older than me.. ^^
      i think they’re talented but i dont see them from their face.. i see them because of talent and their age.. they’re really young and talented.. so i love them!!!!
      and thats named a TRUE FAN!!! don’t ever say anything bad about the other bands…

      btw if you’re ft island fan… why don’t you know their name????
      although i’m not their fan (just back then).. i know them..

  7. :D says:

    doesnt FT island wear skinnies too??? besides, super junior, 2pm, B2ST, all are still wearing skinnies. The companies want them to wear what can they do? please, try to understand others before critizing them. keep your emotions to yourself…. GEEZ

    • SHINeeFan says:

      Lol, yeah. come to think of it, FT Island wears skinnies too. The performance between SHINee “Romantic” and some random song by FT Island, to see who’s better (apparently it turned out to be SHINee), and FT Island were wearing “singlets” and skinnies. While SHINee, was wearing “suits”.

  8. SHINeeFan says:

    Maybe not “suits” but more decent looking clothes. (: GO SHINEE! HWAITING!

    • SHINeeFan says:

      I noticed that in the showdown between SHINee and FT Island, there’s this guy in FT Island who was wearing weird rings and have black nailpolish.

      • AKi says:

        haha…That was HongKi, F.T. Island’s lead vocalist.

        I love SHINee and I just got into F.T. Island (like them too..)
        Their song against SHINee’s ‘Romantic’, Cool vs. Pretty was awesome!

        However, the person who post this. That line “Real men don’t wear skinny jeans” pissed me off. F.T. Island wear mostly skinny jeans too, you know. So what i’m saying is that you, who is now a Primadonna, are dissing your own idols!!!

  9. isabel says:

    I think the line

    “make up, shake up, break up”

    really describes our SHINee fandom lives. I didn’t like Juliette for being a remake, but I eventually got over it. Ring Ding Dong was a disappointment, but ridiculously catchy and makes me smile (laugh/at it), but I’ll get over that too, eventually. But there’s only so many times you can do that, this is not to say I don’t love and support SHINee. They’re still one of my favorite groups.

    And thank you sooo much for mentioning those FT Island songs [:
    I listened to them, and now I’m hooked on “Angel and the Hunter”

  10. Ella says:

    Hey 😀 and SHINee fan, cool it! She’s just expressing her TONGUE IN CHEEK opinion, i love SHINee very much too and honestly think that certain clothes dont really look good on them. Of course, I’m not dissing their taste of whatever, since we all know that they wear those for PERFORMING and its not really their choice.

    But there’s absolutely no need for you to shoot Grace down just because she doesnt like particular songs off their album or wear whatever that she thinks dont look good on them. This is her website, her translations, her opinions, if you dont like what she said, then like you said it yourself, then dont read! No one asked YOU to comment on her words whatsoever. And yes, “keep your emotions to yourself” applies to YOU too.

    We are all fans of SHINee, so why are we shooting each other down just because different people have different tastes and preferences? You can have your opinion, I can have mine, but what maters is that all of us love and support SHINee. We really shouldnt be arguing amongst ourselves, we should channel our energy into supporting and protecting the SHINee boys instead 😀 (Especially more so since SM is being slightly evil to DBSK and the possibility of them illtreating SHINee is ever present)

    Cheers 😀

  11. Karmiinaa says:

    I am not even sure how I ended up in your page
    I think it was cause I was looking for Shinee lyrics
    all I gotta say is you had me laughing outloud big time
    Its nearly 12pm and everyone in the house is asleep
    never good
    they wake up and threaten to cut the internet
    neways thnx for the laugh
    can’t say i understood what you’re were going through hahaha
    new fan
    but both groups i love lol

    the end

  12. Tina says:

    Well now that you know the entire album’s songs, how do you like them? Is it still FTI>SHINee?

    Honestly, I also had this span of FT Island fandom. They’re all just so pretty and irresistible. D:
    At first, I was like “FT Island? What. Lame.” but when I got used to their looks, they were just so cute that I had to listen to them — and I ended up liking their music too. :T

    But idk, I got into SHINee’s new mini-album really quickly and abruptly, haha.

    IDK OKAY. They’re just… fantastic elastic. ♥

    (I know it’s not really cola cola, but my friends and I sing it that way anyway, haha)

    And I’m a huge cheeseball. I love Y.O.U. (no pun intended lol) and The Name.
    I also love Get Down, because I am Key-biased. (HEY, I’M THAT COOL CAT <333)
    The Jojo performances are also really awesome. The song was so-so for me, but after the perfs, the song became more magical. HA lol. Maybe it’s ’cause of Onew’s sad face + prayer position, or Minho’s awkward “HEY. LOVE. STAY.” parts. I’m not sure why, but I really like that song now!

    And I have no idea why I keep yakking on and on. I should go to bed. XD;

  13. yeah says:

    fti is much better than shinee for sure!!!! XD they’re just awesome

  14. julia says:

    man, if you love them you love them for what they are, you love them with skinny jeans and long breaks, because many of them are still studying and MAN THEY NEED A FUCKING BREAK. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TIRED THEY ARE? go with your ft island but dont call yourself a shinee fan or even say you was one cuhs who loves shinee loves them for what they are.

  15. dhiifa says:

    dude u pissed me off. real man don’t wear skinny jeans? look at ur FT Island. imma fan of them and i see they wear skinny jeans A LOT.
    blame shinee’s management for dressing them like that. not them.
    and, SHINee is not mature? u just don’t know FTI. like i’ve said, imma fan of them and they are not more mature.

    and, u called urself a fan of FTI? u don’t even know their names

  16. shinee says:

    the music scene is not as easy as one may think.
    the obstacles that they have to get through to get where they are today.
    i really dont think that we have the right to diss them!

    so what if they wear skinnies!!!
    i see many bands in skinnies!!!
    u wanna diss them to!!!

    every one has that experimental period!!!
    i hope you know that every band has worn something that doesnt fit them at least once in their life, do you see us dissing them!?

    • TAEMINNIE! says:

      I can safely say that i am a better fan than you.
      At least i stay with the group that i tell my friends about.

      Even though i am not a FT Island fan, i know the names of FT Island members, unlike you who calls herself a fan but doesn’t even know their names.

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