Moonchild – 사랑하니까 (SaRangHaNiKka/Because We Love) Lyrics and Translation


Album: Moonchild, 2nd Album
Release Date: May 1st, 2001
Requested by: nanaki244

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들리지 않아도
나에게 하고픈 니 얘기 다 알아
늘 니가 걱정돼
한숨만 내쉬며
행복을 바라겠지
차라리 너를 하얗게 잊어내고
좋은 사람 만나라고 하고싶겠지
널 위해서라면 첨부터 넌 세상에
없었던 사랑이 되길빌잖아

어떻게 아냐고 그렇게 내가 비니까
멀리있지만 아마도 우린 같을테니까
허락된 인연은 다하고 말았지만
아직도 너와 난 하나라고 느껴질 만큼

보이지 않아도
지금 넌 어떻게 지낼 지 다 알아
왜 사는지 조차
그 이유 모른체 또 하룰 보냈겠지
누굴만나도 그 어디에 있어도
마음은 늘 같은 곳에 향해 있겠지
애써 참지만 서글픈 노래라도
들리면 넌 그만 울고 말꺼야

어떻게 아냐고 그렇게 내가 사니까
멀리 있지만 아마도 우린 같을 테니까
닿을 수 없는 곳에 슬픔이어도
이렇게 헤어져도 우린 사랑하니까

슬퍼하지마 함께 할 내가 없음을
난 니가 되고 넌 내가 되어 살면 되잖아
마음으로 이미 서로를 가진거야
저 하늘마저도 그것만은 어쩔 수 없게
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Even though you don’t say a word
I can hear everything you want to say.
I guess you’ll release
all your worries in a sigh
and hope for happiness.
Soon I’ll completely wash away these memories
I’ll hope that you’ll meet a good person
For your sake, I would pray that
this love would have not existed from the start

How do I know this? Because we are similar
No matter how far apart, we are still the same
Even though the time for love allowed is over
You and I still feel as we are one
because we love…

Even though I can’t see you
I know exactly how you are doing
I know you look up at the sky,
unsure of the reason why you live
No matter who you meet, where you are
Your heart will always face the same direction
You try to hold it in, but when a sad song plays
Tears will fall down your face

How do I know this? Because this is how I live
No matter how far apart, we are still the same
Though this sadness is where we cannot reach
Even if we are no longer together, we still love

Don’t be sad because I can’t be with you
We can live by becoming each other
In our hearts, we already have each other
If the sky ends, the thing that never changes
is our love…

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3 Responses to Moonchild – 사랑하니까 (SaRangHaNiKka/Because We Love) Lyrics and Translation

  1. Andy says:

    THANKS 100000000000000x!!! i love this song.. so sad. The mv is moving and dramatic xD

    Subbed and uploaded! ^^

  2. sandy says:

    hello, would you please give me the romanized lyrics, I really want to sing it but I don’t know how to read hangeul 😥

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