Where am I?

If you have been wondering why I have not been updating and putting up new translations…

I recently started a new job last week and it is not easy stuff (*tears). I’m working for a prosecuting office, which means that I actually go to court and make motions (arguments) to the judge. I had to go buy a suit! It’s like I’m officially an adult now. (It dosen’t help that I had another birthday last saturday…boohoo, this blogger is feeling old.)

But don’t fear! As soon as I get my schedule  back on track, I’ll be back with all of your requests and unrequested translations! 🙂 Please continue to request and leave comments, as that encourages me.

See you guys in a bit!

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7 Responses to Where am I?

  1. Nanaki244 says:

    happy late bday^_-

    i got my last final today!!
    hope you dont get too overburdened with work hehe

  2. Carmen says:

    Good luck with your new job, Grace! That sounds really stressful but also satisfying because you finally get to use all that knowledge you learned in school 😀

    And happy belated birthday! Though I’m starting to dread that day too. Getting old (or at least feeling that you’re getting old) stinks. But we’re still young in our hearts and that’s what matters, right?

  3. Melissa says:

    happy belated birthday! :]

    a new job will bring new opportunities! 😀
    doh! prosecution is a bit harder but you’ll be fine :]
    good luck! :]

  4. Winnie says:

    ah grace! D: it’s okay! happy belated birthday! ^^
    you know we’ll all be here to support you 😛
    prosecutor huh? interesting ^^ i hope you do well!
    at least now you can make a great living for yourself and well, let’s face it, it feels better than mooching off money from your parents .___. -guilty-

    don’t try to push yourself so hard~! you have work to do that’s more important (: <
    knowing that you haven’t died on mysterious circumstances is good enough for me ! 😀

  5. emyLi says:

    i know i’m so so late but i’ll still like to wish u a happy belated birthday!
    ahhh starting on a new job is stressful but you’ll get the hang of it somehow! 🙂
    hwaiting! (n_n)

  6. Pao says:

    good luck with your new job!!!!
    omg…. im also at the brink of becoming an “official adult” so i totally understand how you must feel T_T

    hope youre enjoying it thought ^_^!!!!


  7. M says:

    happy belated birthday !

    first of all,
    lemme confess 😦
    i dont usually request or leave comments or anything..

    but i really like your site :”)
    ive always appreciate and look forward to every translation of yours !
    theyre sooo wonderful
    and often very fast (and new) 😉

    knowing that you are fairly busy,
    keep up the great work ❤
    cus youve got tons of love from us 😀
    as i know there msut be WAYY more visitors than you might think~!


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