The 자두(Jadu) – 대화가 필요해 (DaeHwaeGa PilYo Hae/We Need To Talk) Lyrics and Translation

Album: Change Yourself, 1st Album
Release Date: April 2nd, 2002

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또 왜 그러는데
뭐가 못 마땅한데
할 말 있으면
터 놓고 말해봐

너 많이 변했어
(내가 뭘 어쨌는데)
첨엔 안 그랬는데
(첨에 어땠었는데)
요샌 내가 하는 말투랑
화장과 머리 옷 입는 것까지
다 짜증나나봐

(그건 니 생각이야 )

우리서로 사랑한지도
어느덧 10개월
매일 보는 얼굴
싫증도 나겠지
나도 너처럼 나 좋다는 사람
많이 줄 섰어
(간다는 사람 잡지 않아
어디한번 잘해봐)

근데 그놈의 정이 뭔지
내 뜻대로 안 돼
맘은 끝인데
몸이 따르지 않아
아마 이런게 사랑인가봐
널 사랑하나봐
(지금부터 내 말 들어봐)

넌 집착이 심해
(그건 집착이 아냐)
나를 너무너무 구속해
(그럼 너도 나를 구속해 )
우리 결혼한 사이도
아닌데 마치 와이프처럼
모든걸 간섭해

너의 관심 끌고 싶어서
내 정든 긴 머리
짧게 치고서 웨이브 줬더니
너의 목소리
나이 들어 보여
(난 너의 긴 머리 때문에 너를 좋아했는데)
니가 너무 보고 싶어서
전화를 걸어
날 사랑하냐고 물어봤더니
귀찮은 듯한 너의 목소리
나 지금 바빠
(듣고 보니 내가 너무 미안해)

대화가 필요해
(이럴 바엔 우리 헤어져)
내가 너를 너무 몰랐어
(그런 말로 넘어가지마)
항상 내 곁에 있어서
너의 소중함과 고마움까지도
다 잊고 살았어

대화가 필요해
우린 대화가 부족해
서로 사랑하면서도
사소한 오해 맘에 없는 말들로
서로 힘들게 해
너를 너무 사랑해
대화가 필요해
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So what is it now?
What is bothering you?
If there is something you want to say
Just say it

You’ve changed a lot
(What are you talking about?)
You were never like this
(What was I like?)
I feel like these days
You get annoyed at
The way I talk, do my makeup, hair and clothes
(That’s just what you think)

Weve been dating for
About 10 months
And I guess you get sick of
Seeing a face you see everyday
But like you, I have lots of people
That say they like me
(Um, I’m not going to stop you
If you want to go to someone else)

But what is this thing called affection
My heart won’t listen to me
I’m sick of it,
But my body won’t leave!
I guess this is love
I guess I love you
(Okay, well listen to me now)

You’re to clingy
(Um, no I’m not)
You’re too possessive
(You’re possessive too!)
It’s not like we’re even married
But then why are you hanging on me
Like a wife, in all of my business?

Because I wanted you to notice me
I cut my long hair and
Gave it a perm
But when I asked you about it
You said in a contemptuous tone
“You look old”
(I loved you because your long hair)
Because I wanted to see you so badly
I called you
And asked you if your love me
But you sounded annoyed and simply said
“I’m busy”
(I’m sorry, I guess I’ve been acting badly)

We need to talk
(We might as well break up)
I didn’t know you felt like this
(Don’t try to just pass it off)
Because you were always next to me
I guess I started to take you for granted
And stopped thinking of your feelings

We need to talk
We really need to talk
Eveen though we love each other
Why do we make each other hurt
By saying unnecessary things?
(I love you so much)
We need to talk

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