[Uncritical Analysis] Ajoo’s –재벌 2세 (2nd Generation Chaebol)

Wherein I (over)analyze the muck pulled out of the shallow wading pool that is Korean pop for the shiny gold nuggets of societal value. 

Attention! This is all in good fun. I tend to over-analyze pop culture, and so I thought I would have fun with my neuroses! 

Moral of this song: If you try to buy love instead of earning it, you might die.


What you want, what you need, what you got? Its easy for me. Im a 2nd generation Chaebol

Ajoo seems to be suffering from an over-abundance of, well, over-abundance. He considers himself a prince living among paupers, which he very well might be. This causes him to be over confident and overly dismissive of others unaccustomed to his lifestyle.


This must be it, this deep falling feeling. Oh I feel so good, this new and fresh feeling

We now see Ajoo becoming infatuated with Lady X. (Though his MV suggests a penchant for ladies, latent homosexual leanings are more than possible as he is obviously uncomfortable in the presence of females (Exhibit 1: Music video)). These feelings are new and novel to Ajoo.


I can give you everything. If I say it, everything is easy. Just ask for it and I will get it for you.

However, as Ajoo is new to the game of love, he approaches it in the only way he knows how: Money.  


A dream? Ill make it come true. You can be my one and only queen, if you first come to me girl

Aha. Here we see the slightly frightening patriarchal attitude of many Korean (Asian) men. Ajoo dismisses the dreams of his love, categorizing them as insignificant. He also shows a desire to own, rather than to have an equal partnership with the object of his desires! Asshat!


“If you would be honest with yourself, everything would be ease. Why are you acting like such an idiot?”

The lady is unresponsive. She does not take kindly to his sweet nothings and is not tempted by promises of all her dreams. She sounds cool.  I would  go get a beer with her.


“Honestly, what is money anyways? I just have a bit more than others”

Sensing his lady’s feelings, he downplays his sizable fortune. He seems to hoping that by being less of a dick  will cause her to like him. Good strategy!


Use me this night, I won’t leave you. Tell me everything you want. Brand names? I’ll pour them at your feet. From shoes to bags I’ll encrust you in money”

Alas, now we see the sad, desperate plea of poor Ajoo, who has become overwhelmed with love (lust?). He still doesn’t seem to understand that money is not the key to this girl’s heart, yet he is desolately attempting to use a continuously failed tactic to win this girl. The chorus, previously grandiose and boastful,  now seem like the chanting of a madman who has failed to get what he wants.


What you want, what you need, what you got? Its easy for me. Im a 2nd generation Chaebol

I’m pretty sure this is the part in most tragedies where someone jumps off a bridge and drowns.


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4 Responses to [Uncritical Analysis] Ajoo’s –재벌 2세 (2nd Generation Chaebol)

  1. ali says:

    lololol i like this! just the whole, fall from grace where he was initially “uh huh uh huh i have everything look at me & go green with jealousy mates!” to “omg omg i need you i want you take everything i have please just be with me”

    lol hilarious!

    hope you’ll have more of these uncritical analysis ^^

  2. Carmen says:

    I agree with you on so many points!
    This song and the whole video were a huge mistake.
    I hope AJOO’s learned his lesson.

  3. Barbara says:

    Sounds like a song T-Pain would write.

  4. Someone says:

    Ok, ur analysis is jus plain retarded. I know this is late but still, u r a small minded basterd who has no freaking life! Ajoo happens to b only 2 years old in the music industry! and it’s only a fucking song which u analyzed to b his personality! Go get a life will u?? Analyze ur life, it’s prolly really pathetic! He is more immature than the moron who wrote this! I mean if ur gonna do this to ajoo, u might at well do it to lee Minho for boys before flowers! U worthless, small minded lifeform, u sicken me!!!!

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