10 Songs You Totally Want Me Singing At The Noraebang

(Before the Wonder Girls “Tell Me”, there was H.O.T’s “Candy”. 96.2% of Korean people born in the 80s know how to do this dance. I know this because I made it up.)

I’ll be frank.

I love Karaoke [going to the 노래방!]

Most of the reason why I love it is because I’m GOOD.
Doesn’t mean that I am the best singer, It means that I get really, really into it.
I’m one of those people that try to mimic the voices of the singer, that do the dance and generally, rock the MF-ing house.

(Yeah, I rock it more than Hyun bin)

So I was browsing random Korean sites when I found a list of top 10 songs sung in Korean Karaoke Rooms.

Some of them were obvious (Big Bang and Wonder Girls) and others were straight up Korean (Dae Sung’s single – Look at me Kisun)

It made me want to make my top 10 “norae-bang” song list, which I will post here because its my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Moogledesu’s TOP TEN FAVORITE NORAEBANG SONGS (In no particular order)
(NOTE): Please do not forget I was born in the 80s.


1. UP – 뿌요뿌요 (Puyo-Puyo) <– I can do all the voices!
2. Super Junior – U <– pelvic thrust? yes please!
3. Epik High – Fan <–only song where I know the rap perfectly
4. Big Mama – Break Away
5. VOS – 눈을보고 말해요 (Look In my Eyes and Tell me)
6. G.O.D – 길 (Road)
7. Ivy – 바본가봐 (I must be a fool) <– show of my vocal skills
8. 박진영(JYP) – 난여자가있는데 (I already have a girl) <–again, pelvic thrusts.
9. Wonder Girls – Tell Me
10. DBSK – Tonight

My friends and I have the DBSK song perfect. We all have specific people and know where all the “woooahs” and the “OOOs” and “YEAH!!!!s” go.

So now I want to know, What songs do you rock to when at the Noraebang? I know I’m not the only one!

Please comment!

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8 Responses to 10 Songs You Totally Want Me Singing At The Noraebang

  1. skyscope says:


    One song I love singing at noraebang is 소녀시대 by Girl’s Generation; I can do the dance and even Jessica and Taeyeon’s ad-libs (horribly).

    Also, thanks for running this blog; I always come here when I’m looking for a good translation.

  2. Nia says:

    I can do all of Big Bang’s songs aloooone. XD It gets sad, but it’s fun. [lololol this is what I get for being a hardcore fan! XD;]
    I love trot [haha] so Park Sang Chul’s 무조건 is always a must. And anything soft like Clazziquai’s “She Is”, because… my voice is low and I can sing that song perrrfectly.

  3. Carmen says:

    I can’t sing to save my life so for the sake of the people around me, I refrain from doing anything more than lip-syncing.

    But if I could carry a tune, these 5 would be my top Korean song choices.

    1. Shinhwa – Wild Eyes (chair dance!)
    2. AnyBand – Promise You (lots of English so I might actually be able to follow along)
    3. SHINee – The SHINee World (probably insanely hard to sing but it would be fun trying)
    4. Super Junior – Don’t Don (mostly just because I want to say “SUPER JUNIOR!” at the end and it would be fun to pretend to be hardcore)
    5. Big Bang – Goodbye Baby (no reason, just a cool song)

    And I love Epik High but I could never attempt to sing/rap any of their songs.

  4. Kazumi says:

    i would lov to sing all my fav korean songs but i wont be able to do so until i learn Korean (Hangul) -_-‘ .. hope this will happen soon ^^ .. btw i like ur blog ❤

  5. bro says:

    o1; hot – candy
    kay i’m one of those that valiantly tries to dance to it but fails miserably. which is the main point of noraebang anyways lol

    02; 이기찬 – 감기
    i lllooovvveee this song like whoa i have to sing it at least twice each time i go.

    o3; 샤이니 – 사.계.한
    i haven’t actually sung this at a noraebang yet, but i definitely will since this is like, one of my favoritest songs to scream out.

    o4; 신화 – perfect man
    now i’ve got this dance down pat, so it’ll be a waste not to sing it right? lol

    o5; 에픽하이 – F.A.Q.
    i admit, i like the “okay 그대 okay whatever you say” part & i do that with the best GANGSTA attitude like, ever.

    o6; 슈퍼주니어 – 오늘만은
    not a lot of noraebangs have this song but when they do i JUMP at the chance cos this is like, my favoritest song from suju of all time.

    o7; 소녀시대 – 다시 만난 세계
    cos i know the dance steps lol

    o8; 쿨 – 결혼을 할 거라면
    this song just makes everyone go totally hyper i swear. totally love it.

    o9; 지영선 – 가슴앓이
    i love screaming the parts that i can’t reach lol kay by now i think you’ll realize i noraebang only to make a fool out of myself lol

    1o; ft 아일랜드 ; FT Island
    cos it’s fun to scream F! T! I! S! L! A! N! D!

    wow 10 sounded like a lot but i still have like, a billion must sing songs. never realized i had that many lol

  6. 조이 says:

    Man…I need friends who can sing with me at 노래방 and actually enjoys going. >.< I feel like I am the only one even bothering with a foreign language. In Korea I would go almost 3 times a week. Melbournians are too conservative man you suppose to go ALL OUT with the dancing, ranting raving and go the Shakers and Tamborines…

    My list would have to be mostly from 씨야 & SG워너비 cuz power ballards ROCK. Only cuz its a real challenge to hit those HIGH notes.

    HOT – CANDY *rock everyones jox*
    DJ DOC – Run to You *starts the house jumping*

    씨야 – 미친 사랑의 노래
    씨야 – 구두
    씨야 – 여인의향기
    씨야 & 브라운아이드걸스 – The Day
    SG워너비 – 죄와벌
    SG원너비 – 살다가

    NEW LIST ATM are:
    SO HOT

  7. Justina says:

    wondergirl’s so hot! XD (my sis and i sing this, and she’s got the rap down so good.)

    and if it isn’t korean, i’m doing japanese ones. with the accompaning para para moves. XD

  8. Pao says:

    i love your blog. came across it once and didnt bookmark it *gasp*
    but i found you again, yay!!!!!!!!

    i also cant sing my way out of a box, but my friends dont complain, instead they film me and laugh at my “talent” …….

    i should mention that i sing in both korean and japanese…… but im hispanic O_o so either i impress new people or bother the old ones with my less than perfect pronunciation >..<

    2-거미- 아니
    i sing a lot of her songs, but this one is a MUST

    3-백지영- 사랑안해
    i love this song T_T

    4-Loveholic- 화분

    5-린- 사랑했잖아

    6-손담비- Bad Boy
    still trying to sing the rap ^_^;;

    7-양파- 한사람

    8-Se7en- 와줘

    most of my songs are by these same artists, so im pretty used to trying to sound like them too ^_^ …….

    also, 신화- 으쌰으쌰! <– ive NEVER managed to sing it. but i love to do the 으쌰으쌰 [even if they dont appear]


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