[Crush of the Moment] Miura Haruma

credit @ Boys_paper livejournal

I admit that I am a little bit older than many of you out there listening to Kpop these days (not too much older though). But I am also a law school student, and I feel like sometimes I should be serious and grow out of the whole Kpop/Jpop/drama scene.

I say F that. 🙂

When It comes to music, I listen to everything that I like, and it ranges from Epik High to Wonder girls, M-Flo to Arashi and Jay Z to Jonas Brothers. Give me a good beat and Ill listen to that for a good week without getting bored. I actively search for good music and share it with all my friends, regardless of their race.

But when It comes to dramas, I pretty much watch only what Sars-fansubs puts up. Thanks to them, I have been able to get into Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango and my favorite, Nodame Cantabile. Currently I am watching Zettai Kareshi and Gokusen 3.

In Gokusen 3, there is this one actor that I have practically fallen in love with, or as much as you can love an actor for his portrayal of a character.


Anyways, I hereby introduce my current obsession, Miura Haruma, one of the most adorable/talented actors I have seen in a while. 

  • Name (romaji): Miura Haruma
  • Birthdate: 1990-Apr-05 (He’s legal! yay!)
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 63kg
  • Blood type: AB
  • I call dibs!

    He plays Kazama Ren in Gokusen 3 and he played the boyfriend with awesome white hair in Koizora. Apparently, he was perfect in that role but I much pefer him in the bad-ass (yet mature!) Kazama Ren role.

    Also, I unknowingly pictured his face as the main character while reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight, (which is a very trashy vampire love story), and so now in my head, Miura is a bad-ass, vampire, high school student with powers of flight and super speed! Its all very confusing.

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    4 Responses to [Crush of the Moment] Miura Haruma

    1. lillkitty says:

      Dont worry, I’m 25.. Sometimes I feel to old to be like most of music fans but who cares if this make you smile 😉 Anyway I just want to say that you’r doing realy good job here ^_^ sorry about my english.. I’m not good with grammar :<

    2. Helloo! ^^
      Just found ur blog when I was randomly looking for Korean music. Don’t worry, I’m also a law student and older then the average fangirl out there (Thank God I’m not the only one now! Lol!) It’s actually quite embaressing sometimes how much spazzing I can do whenever I find new boys/music/dramas/shows that I like xP My friends don’t get it :s So yeah, I love what ur doing and I say F that to all those expectations of what we should be like etc just becos we’re (supposedly serious) law students! Lol! ^^

    3. Nia says:

      Hey, no worries. ;p Music is universal and everyone should be allowed to listen to whatever the hell they want. 8D I’m a uni student too, and sometimes I do feel a bit silly… but whatever. I like what I like and that’s good enough for me~
      While I’m here: a quick thanks for posting up translations!! I really appreciate it. I’m working on my Korean too, so reading Korean + English lyrics is really helping me with sentence structure and the vernacular haha ^^; Thanks a lot!

    4. Carmen says:

      I started watch “Gokusen 3” because of your suggestion and it’s great! I’m totally crushing on Kazama Ren now. I love bad boys with good hearts. Thank you for introducing me to this awesome show!

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