Epik High Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY – Eight by Eight Lyrics and Translation


Album: Pieces, Part 1, 5th Album
Release Date: April 17th, 2008
Thoughts: Hm…lets see…
                         3 people in Epik High (2MCs, 1 DJ)
                         2 in Dynamic Duo (2 MCs)
                         1 in Dok2 (1 MC)
                         1 in Double k (1 MC besides the misleading name)
                         2 in TBNY (2 MCs)  
                             = 9 people

I’m assuming they left out Tukuts because he didn’t have a verse? (8 MCs x 8 verses hence the title) 


*The word used here is a pun. 아마 추어 (Ahma Choowuh) can mean either 1. Amateur or 2. Ahma =Very Choowuh =Cold (Very Cold (cuz he is wearing a T-Shirt in the winter, see?))

**The original word “어릿광대” (uh rhut kwang dae) refers to the ancient Korean practice of circuses that picked up orphan kids. Then they dressed them up like clowns and made them dance to advertise the circus. Try translating that literally

***Reference to the quote ‘뱁새가 황새 따라하다 가랭이 찢어진다. Which basically translates to “A crow will break its legs trying to keep up with the crane.” It is the equivalent to the American saying “Keeping up with Joneses”. I means that you should not live outside your means trying to be something that you are not.

****The number 1 (일), and the word for “work” (일) is the same in Korean

*****Juh Pal Gae (저팔계) was Son oh gong’s (손오공/ Son Goku’s) pig rival/sidekick/something in the myth. Did anyone watch Dragon Ball? Is there a pig bad guy or something?

****** Han Suk Bong (한석봉) and his mother are characters in a Korean folk tale. The mother wanted to test Han Suk Bong’s calligraphy skills, and so one day while she was cutting dduk (rice cakes) and he would be writing Hanja (Chinese letters), she turned off the lights. When the lights were turned back on, Han Suk Bong’s letters were crooked and unsightly while the mother’s knife skills had cut the dduk into the perfect shape. She then kicked her son out and told him not to come back until he improved his calligraphy.

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Eight of the Greatest

유행처럼 번지는 내 스타일은
마치 감기처럼 sick
이 비트와 난 whipped cream과
딸기처럼 mix
나 없는 이 무대는
마치 바퀴without rim
마치 낚시 without pin
it’s nuthin’ without this
so 아무리 열정이 불덩이라도
넌 단지 들러리라고
so better study my flow
니들이 내껄 너꺼인 척 해도
I don’t care
because 난 그럼
내가 입던 옷을 바로 change

hiphop a la future
내 목소리는 비트의 스키니진
fucker 딱 달라붙어
my technique lyrical kamasutra
넌 겨울의 반팔티
아마 추워
답답해 니 가사는
마약 중독자처럼 약해 망해도
누굴 탓해
씹어봤자 넌 그저 껌 뿐이였어
니 정신상태는
포장마차 싸움꾼 병들었어

내 눈을 똑바로 보고 짖어봐
reservoir dogs
no thanks
이미 떠나간 버스
서커스의 파논 어릿광대 flow
넌 만만함에 취했어
you son of a
어린 뱁새야
날 따르지마 다쳐
또 갇혀 그 거친 태풍 속
I got you
먹이사슬 이 scene에
우린 꼭대기
그 누구도 아무도
not a thing’s gonna break me

넌 벌써 목소리가 잠겼잖아
악기로 치면
조율이 엉망이 된 기타
배짱도 없는게
자존심만 쌔서
괜히 클럽앞에서
각 잡고 콧구멍 벌렁대며
이러고 있다
넌 우리 뒤꽁무니 쫓느라 애먹지
잘 세봐 우린
벌써 8년이나 해먹었지
세대교체가 필요하다고 사양할게
넌 계속 질투나 해
난 쉴틈없이 날 재발견 할게

오늘도 비트를 가른다
혀의 기술을 다룬다
마른 입술은 다물라
선봉기수를 잡은 나
많은 실수와 빈 issue만이
전부는 아닌 걸
적절한 비유와 입
치유만이 전부라 믿어
내 말은 천리길도
하루면 다다를 천마
깨져버린 사상들의 사막을 연다
막다른 변화에도
난 앞장을 섰다
그렇게 역사는 날 막장에 썼다

일이란 단어 숫자론 아주 낮어
그 이치에 맞게
일로 버는 돈도 작어
때론 삼자가 볼 때
낯선 광경이겠지
나사 풀린 녀석들
다 비명을 지르겠지
난 옮겨가는 질병
look nobody’s iller
아마 육백만의 킬러
히틀러 너네 목을 찔러
어린 children 관계없음
무릎 꿇고 빌어
저팔계 같은 녀석들
I kill you wit ma rhyme

this is eight by eight
I’ll beat you scene by scene
and take by take
you’re fake and and
I’m greater than great
우리에게 대입할 때
음악은 애인같애
네게는 폐인밖에
안되는 게임같애

this is eight by eight
I’ll beat you scene by scene
and take by take
I’m greater than great
you’re fake and fake
우리에게 대입할 때
음악은 애인같애
네게는 폐인밖에
안되는 게임같애

The world is mine hate it or love it
매일밤 깨지는 머리
I can’t even walk in this condition
날 때리는 현실
나의 게임은 여기
바로 한국 힙합
여전히 패기는 넘치고
can’t stop yo
그래 누가 날 막어
난 내 주관을 따라
sacred 투자를 받어
tell me who tryin to block
hater들도 품안에 안아
모든 순간을 담아
I’m the king boy

어디서 개 똥파리같은 새끼들이
계속 앵앵 거려
나 지금 화났거든
이제 그만 맴매 벌어
내 랩은 쩔어
한석봉의 어머니처럼
니 자존심 따위는 불 끄고도
떡 썰 듯 썰어
넌 날 못 버텨 넌 너무 어려
내가 버럭 하고 소리치면
넌 얼음 얼어
나는 한번 씹기 시작하면
단물 다 빠질 때 까지는
절대 안뱉어
긴장해 I’ll take ya

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Eight of the Greatest

My style spreads like a fad
And is sicker than a cold,
I mix this beat like
I mix whipped cream and strawberries.
A stage without me
Is a tire without a rim,
A fishing pole without a pin,
It’s nothing without this.
So even if your passion is inflamed like a fireball
You’re just my sidekick
So you better study my flow
Even if you steal and use my shit
I don’t care
Because then
I’ll just change up my old clothing

Hip hop a la future
My voice is my beat’s skinny jeans
Fucker, it fits hella tight.
My technique lyrical kama sutra
You wear short sleeves in the winter, amateur*
That’s why your lyrics are frustrating.
It’s weak like a drug addict
But who can you blame when you fail?
When you spit it aint nothing but gum
Your mentality is one of a petty thug,
picking fights on street corners.

Look me straight in the eyes and try to bark
Reservoir dogs
A disapproving wagging of the finger?
No thanks
The bus has already left
You’re the circus’s main attraction flow**
I’m sick of your mediocrity
You son of a
Young crow,
don’t copy me or you’ll get hurt***
You’ll be caught up within the ensuing typhoon
I got you
Chained to the feed in this scene
We’re on the top.
Nothing and nobody
Not a thing is gonna break me

Look, your voice is already asleep
Even if you play an instrument
It’s out of tune.
A brat with no courage
But too much pride
You just hang in front of clubs for no reason
And act a fool.
That’s how you act
You’ve a hell of a life trying to catch my tail,
But count properly.
We’ve been living this for 8 years
Cuz there was a call for change this generation
Just keep on being jealous
I’ll recover without a moment to lose

Today I cut a beat again
Again my tongue creates my skill
And moistens my lips
I‘ve caught up to the forerunners
With many mistakes and empty issues
But it ain’t everything.
With the appropriate metaphors I believe
That the remedy is everything
My words are like Pegasus
Clearing a 100 mile journey in a day.
I continue in the cracked desert of history
With the ever-changing changes
I still always in the lead,
I’ve written in the last page of history.

The number 1 is such a low number
And to match with that principal,
Money made with work is so paltry****
Sometimes when a 3rd party looks in
It may seem a strange situation.
Those with a screw loose
Will probably all scream a cry of distress.
The disease is what moves me
Look nobody’s iller
It may be a 6 million killer like Hitler
And stab you in the neck
Without regard for children
Get on your knees and beg
You brats are like Juh Pal Gae*****
I’ll kill you with my rhyme

This is eight by eight
I’ll beat you scene by scene
And take by take
You’re fake and and
I’m greater than great
When you try to cut in our conversation
Music is my love
But for you its nothing but pain
It’s like a game you can’t play

This is eight by eight
I’ll beat you scene by scene
And take by take
I’m greater than great
You’re fake and fake
When you try to cut in our conversation
Music is my love
But for you its nothing but pain
It’s like a game you can’t play

The world is mine hate it or love it
My head crack opens nightly
I cant’ even walk in this condition
The reality of the pain
My game is here
In the Korean hip hop scene
My spirits are generally overwhelmed
And fired up
Can’t stop yo
Who can try to block me?
Yo, just take my constructive criticism
Sacred, take the investment.
Tell me who tryin to block
Hold the haters close to your heart
Use every single moment
I’m the king boy.

The bastards that follow me like flies on crap
Continues to annoy
I’m pissed off now you know
So stop earning your beatings
My rap is perfect
Like Han Suk Bong’s mother
My pride allows me to turn off the lights
And cut the dduk like I should.******
You can’t go against me
You’re too young
If I fly into a rage and scream
You’ll be frozen like ice
When I start chewing
I don’t let go ‘till all the juices are dry
Be nervous. I’ll take ya.

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4 Responses to Epik High Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY – Eight by Eight Lyrics and Translation

  1. ATM says:

    i call this…Korean Hip-Hop, the real deal, not Big Bang or something out there!

  2. Effervescence says:

    Haha Its one thing to talk shit but talking shit poetically? Only these guys are capable.

    BTW Tablo’s verse has a pun (아마 추어=Amateur)


    You’re Right! Nice catch. I’ll put that up

  3. tim says:

    they are all from krn under hiphop
    watching hiphop legends like biggie n tupac or big l,, jay z. they are true legends..

  4. rainonmebi says:

    I love their album Pieces, and this is DEFINATELY one of my favorite songs!

    now that i know what they’re saying and how poetic it was i like it even more….

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