[Review] Epik High – Pieces, Part 1 (5th Album)

Tablo said that this album was inspired by a dream, contributing to the melancholy, slower sound of this album. This newest offering from Epik High was leaked early online.

This album is completely different from the other previous Epik High albums, causing me to originally debate if it was worth buying or not. After multiple listenings online (thank you internet), I have decided that Epik High is genius and that I will never doubt what they do ever again.

1. be
I really felt this song. Its a different sound for Epik High; slow, and very otherworldly. On the other hand, the lyrics are simple and relatable. “I am whatever you want me to be” It really expresses the trouble that many people go through as teenagers, and it is a issue that many don’t ever grow out of.

2. breakdown
The answer to the first track, breakdown encourages (yells at? ) the person in be to break down all the walls surrounding the heart/soul/mind/w/e and “consume the sun and the moon to shine the light on their real selves.” It is angry, fierce and worthy of an angry afternoon drive with the windows down. The remix is even better, with a english rap by Tablo encouraging you to “SET IT OFF and Just DONT GIVE A FUCK!” Tablo said that this is the 2nd part to the 4th album’s track flow.

3. 서울, 1:13 AM [short piece]
The crying girl? the ticking clock? This is an intro to the next song one and it raises many questions. Is the crying girl the one in the music video? whats the significance of the clock?

4. One feat. 지선 of Loveholic
This is the principle track of the album. If you are in Korea, prepare to hear this everywhere. Jisun’s voice always sounds great with the rough texture of the guys’ voices. This is a song about heartbreak and redemption. The title one is based from the Korean word won which means, fittingly, redemption.

5. 연필깎이 feat. Kebee
This is my absolute favorite track in the entire album. It is a shout out to the poets and MCs, recognizing that ‘the game’ is difficult and disappointing. It tells them to keep their soul encouraged and additionally reminds then that their music/poems/rhymes will one day “paint the black and white world”. It’s bloody uplifting.
Also, the bit about the “pencil sharpener” <– the translation of the title, refers to how in a poet’s soul, no matter how difficult, they keep on writing and writing, almost against their will, and that pencil keeps on being used.

6. girl feat. Jinbo
Im not exactly sure, but this may be a continuance of the song girl rock from album 4. This is a love song by a man that is still in love with a girl that was a source of joy but also a burden to him. “you were my cross that I hung myself on” Jinbo’s vocals make this song seem more pop than I would like, (in fact, it kinda reminds me of usher…:shiver:) however, the dark lyrics of the song akins this to the mood of fan. Its actually quite catchy.

7. slave [short piece]
“Im a civilized savage.” In that oxymoronic statement, it intoduces us to the future

8. the future feat. Yankie
his song is awesome. “Ill be the first to lower my head in respect to the game.” “you aint no biggie, you aint no pac.” This song encourages boastful MC’s to learn to respect instead of dissing. Regardless of how hot one believes themselves to be, the music companies still treat them like shit. I dont pretend to know much about hip-hop, but I think that this is a call out to other Korean MCs out there in the underground scene reminding them that humility is necessary for this game. “You think that from LA to NY to Seoul nobody else is fuckin ‘iller? you think you paid your dues” “you’re still the office’s coffee getter” Pure poetry.

9. 20 fingers [short piece]
I dont see the purpose of this song, except to showcase the awesome mixing abilities of DJ Tukutz.

10. ignition feat. 나윤권
This is the only song on the album that I don’t love. Maybe it is the hackneyed ” looking at the moon and the darkness” theme. I dont know. The song itself is nice, but it might be the fact that I do not understand many of the crazy metaphors used in this song.

11. eight by eight feat. Double K, Dok2, TBNY, Dynamic Duo
YAY! MOVEMENT!!! This song is nothing but swagger. Love it

12. décalcomanie
This is a Mithra song. Decalcomanie is the art or process of transferring pictures and designs to china or whatever. This is how a man’s love binded him to a girl as he tries to keep her happy and with him. He thought he knew everything about her, but in reality, he didnt know anything at all. He just transfered himself on to her. “You became me, I became you. We are the same but we are different”

13. icarus walks [short piece]
You’ll have to excuse me while i squeal like a housewife that just saw a mouse in her kitchen. If you dont know, Icaurs is a character from greek mythology that created wings to fly away from King Minos, got too close to the sun and fell to his death. This song has Icarus walking. If that is not hurl inducing yet, listen to the BURNT FLESH slapping on the ground of this song. It has a message about hubris and such but more than anything, Im disturbed.

14. 낙화 (落花)
“Never give up on your dream” is the theme for this song. Its simple, and it flows from its intro and the story of Icarus. Its a pretty song but nothing to write home about .

15. 우산 feat. 윤하
This song is called “umbrella” and features popular singer/pianist Yoonha. This is a love song with rain and umbrellas. It would have been fantastic if Rhianna had not already done it Okay, this song is actually more than what it seems. Please see my translation my a later post.

16. 당신의 조각들 feat. 지선
This song is called “pieces of you. It is another love song. It is a good song and a fitting ending to this album. I wouldnt be surprised if there was an answer song to this on the next album. (pieces, part 2 maybe?)

B-side 1: Breakdown (original mix)
This song is almost better than the original.
Okay, it IS better than the original. I love it.

B-side 2: One (Planet Shiver mix)
This track is okay. But I much prefer the original. Skip it, although it has very nice mixes by Tukutz.


I generally loved this album. It was a nice change from the normal fare Kpop feeds us on a daily basis. Keep it up guys!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6 Responses to [Review] Epik High – Pieces, Part 1 (5th Album)

  1. Min says:

    Wonderful album

  2. Steph says:

    def. agree, after a couple listens, it grows on you

  3. D3F14NT says:

    Where can you DL this?

  4. grace says:

    I uploaded the links

  5. Lily says:

    If you find the time could you please translate track # 16?
    It’s my favorite track.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Maru says:

    Yes, Epik High are genius! I also bought this album lately (okay, well it was in October but anyway XDD)

    And I am VERY thankful that this blog exists/you provide us with very good translations! *bows* Thanks a lot!

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